WordPress Development

Popular. Easy to use. Immensely powerful.

You wouldn't have arrived at this page without hearing about WordPress, it is wildly popular around the world and for good reason. People really like using it; both website owners like you and website developers like me. Some say that WordPress will supersede Microsoft Word as the de-facto word processing software in the near future.

Why I choose WordPress

WordPress can handle almost any website project due its flexibility and scope for customisation. You tell me exactly what you want your website to do and how you want it to look and I can make it happen with WordPress*. I build all my WordPress themes from scratch with the specific needs of your project in mind, using best practice semantic HTML markup and modern CSS techniques to make you new website a modern, efficient and search engine ready product. (*within reason)

The core WordPress software is free.

Due to its enormous popularity among web developers, there are many excellent 'plugins' which can be installed within WordPress to further extend the functionality of your website, further saving you development costs. I have go-to plugins for every project that take care of common features such as contact forms, photo galleries, SEO, event calendars, Google Analytics, video training and much more.

Sydney WordPress Designer

Full disclosure: the above heading is an SEO technique. But while we're on the subject of SEO, you should know that the single most important factor in SEO is your content. WordPress is the best in the business for publishing content to your website, it is really easy. If you're serious about establishing your website high up the ranks, then having a WordPress blog is a must.

If the concept of a blog irks you, makes you think of nerds writing about computers late at night, that's fine. We call it your 'Articles' or your 'Journal' or your 'Latest' or whatever fits in with your brand. The important element is the content itself, and furthermore how you organise it on an ongoing basis. WordPress does all of this straight out of the box, you just need to decide how you wish to present it.

Content Management System

WordPress is an excellent CMS. It supports custom content types of many different kinds.

Articles about WordPress