Time tracking with iPhone and Freshbooks

As a freelancer, keeping track of time is essential to any work done at an hourly rate, and when you're jumping between clients and jobs, it can be really difficult to remember how long you spent doing what for who. Thankfully there are a number of online time-tracking services and in this post I will outline my own use of Freshbooks for time tracking. The free Freshbooks account is limited to 3 clients but it allows you to create unlimited projects and tasks,  so I simply use the projects for my clients and tasks under projects  - for example "Frosty's Air Con" for project and "Website updates" for task.
  1. Create a free Freshbooks account here.
  2. Create a client entry for yourself (eg: Freelance Work) - this is not essential.
  3. Under the Time Tracking tab, click 'Projects' and then 'Add new...' & fill out the details
  4. Assign a Task to your project here, then save.
  5. You'll need your Freshbooks API to sync with your iPhone, which can be found by going to the "My Account" section, then clicking the link at the right hand end of the menu beginning with "Billing Info". To make life easy, copy this and email it to an account that you can access on your iPhone.
  6. Next, on your iPhone, download the free MiniBooks Lite app from the App Store.
  7. In the 'Credentials' section, enter your Freshboks subdomain and API token. This will then allow sync between your Freshbooks account and your iPhone.
  8. Click Refresh Data to pull down your 'Projects' and 'Tasks' lists.
  9. Go to the Timers section in the MiniBooks app and press "+" in the top right
  10. Tap the white part of the timer to bring up the options, where you can select your project and task.
  11. Press Start Timer and you're tracking!
  12. When you are finished that task, stop the timer and press 'Submit' and your timer information will be pushed up to your Freshbooks account
  13. Then head back to your Freshbooks account online and you'll see the task in the Time Tracking section, under 'Timesheet'.
MiniBooks allows you to have multiple timers active, which is great for quickly jumping between projects relating to different clients.

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