SEO Fundamentals

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

I will put all the jargon aside for the moment and simply say: SEO is marketing and it includes the following:

  • Market research: what potential customers are searching for
  • The marketing message: what content is on your site
  • Calls to action: 'buy now' button, newsletter subscription form, PDF download
  • Establishing trust: posting knowledgeable articles on your site
  • Networking: having other sites link to your articles and (if appropriate) distributing your knowledge via social media
  • Reviewing the results: checking your website statistics and making adjustments to your marketing efforts to optimise effectiveness
  • Advertising: driving targeted traffic to your website via Google AdWords and/or other pay-per-click services

I do not brand myself an SEO expert, nor do I consider SEO to be within the scope of my website design and development services. However, I do understand the importance of online marketing for any business website, of which an integral part begins with knowing the fundamentals of search engine optimisation.

Laying the foundations

The indisputable most important part of any website's online presence is its content. If you have great content, then you're heading in the right direction. This means doing your homework and finding out what keyword phrases you should be focusing on and having well crafted copywriting to support it. It means setting goals for your website and defining the appropriate calls to action for achieving those goals. It means planning how you will build your online reputation with regular updates focusing on key topics and how you plan to drive traffic towards this great content via advertising and external networks.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with some guidance for how to make the most of your great content by understanding the SEO fundamentals.

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