SEO Case Study: Removalist Company

Keyword Specific Landing Pages

A good method for boosting your Google ranking is to create keyword specific "landing pages" on your site. The more pages you have, the more combinations of keywords you can use to target potential searchers. For example, a removalist company that operates in Sydney has many individual pages each with different keywords such as suburb names, moving materials, furniture names for moving, information pages, etc.

So from a list of keywords such as: mosman, bondi junction, mona vale, piano, antiques, moving boxes, packaging for moving, tips for moving, you can create individual landing pages such as:Example Landing Page

  • Removalist Mosman
  • Antique Removals
  • Boxes and Packaging for Moving
  • Bondi Junction Removalist Service

Then write some relatively brief page content that utilizes the keywords effectively, and be sure to use some variation to prevent Google from skipping the pages due to duplicate content.

This will then create your own 'web' of pages that can be used to get clicks from potential customers in your target locations, as well as those looking for specific services (eg: antique removals) or products (eg: boxes). When the customer clicks on your link in their Google search results, they will 'land' on a page specifically tailored to the keywords that they searched for and if the pitch is good enough, then you'll get their business. If not, then at the very least you got a click, which will contribute to your overall Google ranking.

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