Link Building for SEO

Yesterday I attended a talk about link building at the CeBIT expo in Sydney by Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO. He discussed the concept of "link juice" - a jargon term for how much a link is worth to your SEO, and explained some of the many factors involved in the value of linking both to and from other websites, notably:

  • The text that constitutes the link to your website matters (called 'anchor text'). Click here offers no relevant information, however if the text Classical Music Online was instead used as the anchor text, this would be much more beneficial.
  • The reputation of the website linking to your site. Eg: a link from a government website or popular business site creates much more "link juice" than a link from your mate's blog.
  • The "link juice" is divided among the number of links on a page. Eg: a link to your site from a links page with 100's of other links will not be anywhere near as valuable as a single link from an article describing your business.
  • 'Link to us' page. This can encourage others to create a link to your website and also give you the opportunity to specify your anchor.
  • Link bait. This is useful information such as guides, tips, advice that you publish on your site to which  others will consider creating a link.
  • Reciprocal linking is no longer considered effective. Google is now known to put a dampening effect on two websites that have links to each other on a links page.

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